• Iraqi British artist, curator, critic, and art historian born in 1939 in Al-Baroudia, an old Baghdadi neighborhood, Iraq. From 1945 – 1958, studied at Al-Tatbiqat Primary School, then Al-Numaniya Middle School, and graduated from the Al-Markazia High School in Baghdad.
  • 1962 Obtained a bachelor’s degree in Archeology from Baghdad University.
  • 1964 Obtained a diploma from the Institute of Fine Arts and joined the Impressionists Group.
  • 1965 - 1966 Held his 1st and 2nd solo exhibitions at the private Wasiti hall in Baghdad, whom he was its curator.
  • 1968 Headed the Iraqi Antiquities Dept. in Baghdad for 8 years.
  • From 1965 until now, held many solo exhibitions as well as participated in many exhibitions in Iraq and abroad.
  • 1969 Founded the "Toward a New Vision Group” and wrote its manifesto.
  • 1976 Settled in London and worked as an artistic advisor for the Iraqi Cultural Center.
  • From 1978 until now, he issued many books and publications.
  • 1982 Worked as a design director at the Arab Art magazine until its closure.
  • In 2002, held a 1st retrospective exhibition "Azzawi Retrospective" at the Arab World Institute in Paris and in 2009, the 2nd one in Abu Dhabi.
  • Oct. 2016, the Museum of Modern Arab Art (Mathaf) organized him a retrospective exhibition in Doha, Qatar.
  • Currently lives and works devotedly in art from his studio in London, UK.